Are You Ready? Disaster Preparedness Seminar 2011

Come join the city of Huntington Beach for National Disaster Preparedness Month and find out if you are ready.When a major disaster occurs, impacts may include food and water shortages, shelter needs, lack of public utility services, separated family members, and medical needs.Emergency responders can be quickly overwhelmed and you have the responsibility to be self sufficient for at least 72 hours by providing your own food, water, first aid, and shelter.At this seminar, the city will provide you with the vital information that you will need to care for yourself and your family in a disaster.

Learn about what hazards we face in Huntington Beach, what the city and county does to prepare, and how you can help build a disaster resilient community.Speakers will include, Fire Chief Patrick McIntosh, Orange County Asst. Emergency Manager Vicky Osborn, and more.Please register at and choose Class Registration.