Prepare your home for wildfire season

House of fire by dvs on FlickrWildfire season isn’t limited to summer and fall any more. Before things really heat up, California homeowners can take simple steps to protect their homes and neighborhoods against wildfires.

  • Clear the space around your home, from 100 to 500 feet depending on conditions.
  • Landscape the area around your home with fire-resistant plants.
  • Use non-combustible building materials.
  • Check the area around your home for any fire hazards.
  • Have an adequate water supply handy for fire fighting.
  • Make sure there are accessible roads to your home.

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Have you had your jewelry appraised lately?

Diamond ring by Tambako The Jaguar on FlickrIf you haven’t had your jewelry appraised in the past three years, you may be under-insured. Due to labor increases in India (where 90% of all diamonds are cut) diamond prices have spiked another 20% after rising 15% last year. This along with higher prices for precious metals could make a big difference especially if an appraisal hasn’t been done in a while.